This blog is normally about very serious science, but I’m taking a break from that for the evening to advertize my band’s upcoming show on April 8th in the SPH Music Masters Finale (aka, the German Battle of the Bands). We need your support! There are streaming tickets available, and this post has a guide on how to navigate the German website to get tickets (or just text me, I’ll hook you up).

Here’s a video of us playing. If you love it, let me know. If you hate it, slap like and subscribe.

When is this?

The show is on April 8th at the Live Music Hall in Cologne, Germany. Because this is Easter weekend, it’s the perfect thing to do while you’re relaxing with your family. The show starts at 15.30 CEST / 9:30AM EST. The order of the 10 bands playing will be determined on the morning of, so I’ll send out a mass text about what time that will be for everyone who’s streaming.

How does the battle work?

The battle of the bands is judged in two ways: half of the score is by the judges and half by the audience. Each audience member gets two votes - this usually means they vote for the band they support and a second band that they liked after seeing them for the first time.

There will be 10 bands playing, which means this is going to be a loooooong day. The best spots in the show will be in the middle or towards the end, after the afternoon settles into evening. The order will be determined just before the show starts, based on which band sells the most pre-sale tickets. This means that getting a streaming ticket will support us to get a better spot, which is highly correlated with winning.

Who is Monkey Jack, and why do you represent him?

As you noticed, we’re the representatives of Monkey Jack. We will tell The Tale of Monkey Jack at our show. You should prepare by bringing a banana with you to the show, which you will need at the end of the Tale when we begin The Ritual.

Getting a Ticket

First, navigate here for tickets.

Second, click Streamingtickets. If you want to be cool while speaking German, you should throw in some English words (or internationalisms).

Third, click Auswählen. This verb means that you are pledging your allegiance to Monkey Jack and promise to follow Him.

Fourth, click Bitte Wählen (please choose). This is a drop down menu to show your support for Monkey Jack and his representatives. Note that you only need one streaming ticket per stream, obviously you should throw a party/ritual to represent Monkey Jack yourself.

Fifth, click Monkey Jack.

Sixth, You can fill in the form with your information. The image below annotates what each of the fields means. Plz is short for “Postleitzahl”, which means Zip code. Don’t worry about the part of the form with the country picker. You’re a German now.

After you click it, it will bring you to a PayPal page. They’ll email you a confirmation within 5-10 minutes and send the streaming link the day of the show.